You will be working with a professional bridal consultant who will guide you through the amazing journey of finding the dress! Both you and your consultant will browse gowns, and she will assist you putting them on, it definitely takes a helping hand!

No, but is recommended. It will be first come first served otherwise.

Varies upon the client's needs, up to 2 hours.

Gowns start at $399 and top off at $3000, with the average being between $1700. Please call us for more detailed information.
***Outlet starts at $89 and up to $2400, with the average being between $799.

4 to 7 months, depending on a few variables. Please call to request more detailed information.

All wedding gown sales are final sales, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on special order items.

No, however we do partner with a variety of trusted seamstresses and dry cleaners we can refer you to.

Wedding gowns are made to be altered and taken apart. However, every gown is different, please call for more detailed information.

We have slips to be worn underneath dresses to ensure dresses can keep clean and provide you with modesty.

4, but exceptions can be made for larger groups as our last appt, after hours, or the first appt of the day.

Friendly and courteous staff, respected and listened to.

Recommended, but walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis after our appointments.

Phone, social media, email, or website.

Varies, usually 2 hours.

Yes, please provide 48 hrs' notice.

We recommend calling prior with the style number to ensure we have it in store, or a loaner may be requested if available for an additional fee.

Yes but under supervision.

4, but accommodations may be made for larger groups.

Nude or light-colored undergarments, shapewear if desired, hair up in a ponytail, makeup-free or setting spray. No spray tans.

People whose opinion you trust.

Not usually, unless there is someone you specifically want. We can accommodate your wishes.

Please let us know, and we can address your concerns.

Martin Thornburg, Martin Thornburg Luxe, Pollardi.

A year to start figuring out your style.  

9 months to order, but we love our last-minute brides.

When you have decided on a style for your dress. Easier to see when you have your gown on.

No later than 3 weeks before the wedding. We recommend it earlier so you can bring it to hair appointments. Again we love our last-minute brides!

If available, orders are “rushed” in the factory in order to be received a few weeks earlier than normal delivery times.

Varies by designer 50-250.

Depending on the time frames, your consultant will be able to advise.

Not all vendors offer this service. Also depends on time frames.

Hair up, special undergarments, shoes, and be prepared to pay a 50% deposit on alterations.

We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, Cash App, and Facebook Pay and offer layaway programs.

Yes unless doing a layaway.

Yes, unless you are doing layaway.

Not at this time, but check back shortly.

Yes. Additional fees will be incurred.

Depends on size and weight, and speed of shipment.

We will provide you with a tracking number.

We recommend it in the back of a closet, away from your fiance, small children, pets, smoke, cooking smells, windows/sunlight, humidity, and in an air-conditioned space.

Wedding gown preservation company cleans and preserves.

Just bring your gown to the store, and we will take care of it for you.

As soon as possible so stains do not set in. They also allow you to preserve up to 5 items (veil, garter, detachable train, hankie, etc.)

Put in in garment bag. Get it professionally cleaned or preserved.

Placed in a sealed box with a window to view your gown.

Do not break the seal. There is a window to view the dress.

Closet, chest, or any place you feel will be safe and protected.

A sale of dresses that may be discontinued or sold as is.

Dresses that may be discontinued or sold as is.

Dresses that have been in our store.

Accessories that may have been discontinued or sold as is.

It depends on what is available. It could be anywhere from size 0-30.

All sales are final. Credit cards, Venmo, Cash app, or Facebook pay.

Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we are unable to do so.

You may. Depends on fit and length.

4 guests, but larger parties may be accommodated. Please call for arrangements.

A traveling show of a designer's current season. Usually last for 1-2 weekends. Dresses are usually samples or from their fashion shows.

Appointments are always recommended.

I-2 guests, space is limited.

Sometimes vendors do offer enticements.

Trunk Shows will be posted on our website and social media accounts.

Please feel free to call, text, or email us anytime.